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Wellness Consult

We focus on individualized care. We want to hear your story. When did you last feel well? What events led up to this? We will complete a focused physical exam, but the majority of our time will be spent listening to you and what your concerns and focuses are. 

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We utilize several functional medicine testing companies to determine what is the root of what ails you. Some of these include GI Map, ZRT labs and DUTCH testing for hormones, Vibrant Wellness for specialty testing, LabCorp for general labs etc. LabCorp has the option to bill insurance; often the negotiated cash price can still be the better option. 

Please plan for 60-75 minutes at that initial appointment. 


New Patient Consult: 60-75 min | $200

Annual visit or Lengthy Follow-up: 60 min | $100

Follow up: 30 min | $75

Telehealth Visits: 30 min | $75

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Then What Happens? 

When you schedule your initial consult, consider scheduling your follow up for 1-2 weeks later. Unless recently completed, labs are usually ordered and drawn at that initial wellness consult. We will discuss your blood work as well as the initial plan of care at this follow up.


Supplements, hormone optimization, peptides or even additional testing could be recommended at your follow up. Additional follow-ups will be based on the plan that you and the provider agree upon. It has to be doable and maintainable. We will take this in small, attainable increments. 

Sound good? Well- let's get you on the books!

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