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What do others say? 

We are beyond grateful for those who like, comment and share on our social media platforms and on Google. This helps to get the word out and helps us GROW! (and keep the doors open ;) From the bottom of our hearts-


Excellent service. It has been such a different experience to be able to sit down with a healthcare provider that takes the time to ask questions and looks in depth at your overall picture of health. Amber is extremely thorough and does a great job explaining results and recommendations for treatment. Highly recommend.


Amber and the staff at Renewed Wellness have my full confidence that I am finally on the right road to recovery. For many years now I have just settled for the thought that I am just getting older and this is the way I am supposed to feel. Traditionally the "healthcare" industry has told me that I need to take this pill, then this pill, and then this one without any thought to our body's natural ability to heal itself and that is what I am after. Less of a pharmaceutical band aid and more of a natural way for my body to be at it's best. I cannot recommend Renewed Wellness more! You will not be disappointed with the level of care that you will receive at RW!


Have you ever had a massage where you could hear the therapist whispering prayer above you? Asking God to give you strength? Who hugs you goodbye and you leave feeling not only physically great, but also encouraged? That is what I just experienced with Ashley at Renewed Wellness. Not only did I receive physical care today, but she threw in a little soul care for free. 
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